• Sleep Hypnotherapy In Hertfordshire

    Overcome sleeping problems with the help of Hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire

    Professional hypnotherapy can help you find ways to sleep better and wake more refreshed.

    Why does sleep matter?

    As many as one in three people (NHS, 2016) have trouble sleeping at some stage in their lives. There may be an obvious reason - a painful injury, or jet lag for example; or it may be less easy to pinpoint - medication side effects, emotional distress and so on. 

    In all cases, if you are having trouble sleeping, the results can be damaging.  Your relationship may suffer both because your wakefulness disturbs your partner, and because of your exhausted irritability the next day.  Poor concentration may affect your work or make driving dangerous.  You are unable to perform at your best and the resulting frustration and anxiety contributes to more wakefulness at night.

    Lack of sleep can also have health effects, with an increased chance of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and obesity.  Sleep is vital for our physical and mental health. When we are asleep, the body repairs and re-energises itself and our brains make sense of the day’s experiences.

    Sleeping problems may happen almost every night over a length of time, or may happen less often for a shorter length of time and are usually due to a clear cause.

    Some people cannot fall asleep right from the start, and spend hours lying awake, only getting a couple of hours at the end of the night. Other people fall asleep, but then wake up in the night and cannot get back to sleep. A related difficulty is where you fall asleep, but the quality of the sleep is poor and not refreshing.

    What does sleep hypnotherapy involve?

    The first hypnotherapy session will involve you telling me your history of sleep problems.  How long they have been going on, whether it’s trouble getting to sleep from the start, waking in the night, or not being able to get into deep sleep.

    We’ll go through your usual nighttime routine to make sure there are no quick-wins: are you winding down enough, are you avoiding caffeine and alcohol at bedtime, is your bed comfortable, is your room restful and so on?

    We’ll discuss possible medical causes for your sleep difficulties, and in these cases it would be sensible for you to see a GP before starting hypnotherapy.

    Unless there is a clear cause to your sleep problems, you may not consciously know why you are sleeping badly.  Many children develop issues over bedtime and these may still be present in the adult, even though the trigger (bed wetting, lost favourite toy, family tensions, etc) are long forgotten.  The first few sessions will use gentle hypnotherapy to uncover your true associations to sleeping and bed.  Once we understand why you can’t sleep, we can develop a plan to help you get better.

    As already explained, hypnotherapy is a good way to uncover subconscious issues that are contributing to your trouble sleeping.  Once the reason is clear, we can develop a personal plan for you to learn how to sleep well again.  If bedtime has negative associations for you, hypnotherapy can help you remove these. If the cause is a habit, such as too much caffeine, hypnotherapy can help you to break that habit.  

    Hypnotherapy is also excellent for reducing stress and anxiety, helping to break the vicious cycle of lack of sleep leading to worry about lack of sleep, leading to trouble sleeping, and so on.  One part of your therapy may include learning some simple self-hypnosis to progressively relax your muscles, allowing you to gently drift into sleep.

    All sessions are tailored to meet your particular needs, and paced so that you always feel in control.  Hypnotherapy is a gentle and effective way to overcome many issues, and you can read more about what’s involved in a typical session here.

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