• Therapy in Hertfordshire

    What is therapy?

    Therapy is a means of exploring and understanding yourself and your situation, especially where you are experiencing some distress due to low mood, anxiety, phobias, or life events such as bereavement, illness, redundancy etc.

    What types of therapy are there?

    There are many different types of therapy, to suit every sort of person and problem. They range from simple short term talking therapies to intense and long term psychoanalysis.  One, or more, of them will be right for you. Take time to find the right therapy and the right therapist for the best outcome.

    The most common therapies you will come across:

    ●    Counselling. One of  the simplest, but still very effective, is counselling. This involves talking in confidence to an empathic and trained listener, who will help you untangle your thoughts and understand issues that are causing you distress.  Typically, counselling is short term and is helpful for people who are going through a crisis such as bereavement, divorce, or redundancy.

    ●    Behavioural Therapies These are based on altering the ways you think and behave to bring about lasting change.  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is widely used to help you change damaging thought patterns and behaviours.   CBT has been found to be particularly effective with stress, low mood, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and many other issues.

    ●    Psychotherapy is usually a more long term treatment and involves looking at your past to understand what created the situation that is causing you problems now.   By examining your unconscious thoughts and beliefs, you can see things in a new light, and work on changing your reactions to them if necessary. There are many different types of psychotherapy, but they all aim to help you understand yourself better and enjoy more harmonious relationships in your personal and work lives.

    How does hypnotherapy fit?

    Hypnotherapy is just one in a range of hundreds of therapies that are available to help people deal with stresses and difficulties in life.  It is uses hypnosis to interact directly with your unconscious mind to help you change limiting beliefs and patterns. It is widely used for a range of issues and problematic behaviours.

    Is hypnotherapy right for me?

    Although I am a hypnotherapist, and believe that it can really help you to create lasting change in your life, I also think that it’s most important that you find the right therapy, and the right therapist, for your situation and personality.  

    That means that hypnotherapy may, or may not, be the right choice at this moment in time, so at our initial session, we will spend some time really understanding what you want to achieve and what ways of working will be most effective for you.   You can read more about what to expect at a hypnotherapy session with me here, and a list of frequently asked questions here.

     Most good therapists combine a number of disciplines to create a personal experience for each client, and this is certainly my approach.  Sessions with me may include counselling and psychotherapy skills as well as hypnotherapy.  Our joint aim is to help you get better and achieve your therapeutic goals.

  • If you have any questions about hypnotherapy and whether it is right for you, please get in touch on 07815 156495, email info@placetobeyou.co.uk, or fill in the online contact form.

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