• Relationship Hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire

    Release your relationship issues with the help of hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire.

    Hypnotherapy can help if you struggle with a relationship: with your partner, family, colleagues, or even your relationship with yourself.

    Why do you have relationship problems?

    Relationships should bring joy and security, but for many people, they are sources of stress and unhappiness.  Relationship problems may be deep rooted. We learn from the relationships surrounding us when we are children. If your childhood wasn’t full of positive ways of relating to others, it may be difficult for you to establish supporting and loving relationships as an adult.

    These difficulties may manifest as possessiveness, jealousy, lack of trust, poor communication, low commitment, trouble expressing yourself, infidelity, always falling into the wrong type of relationship, and so on.

    Or, you may find that you cannot establish relationships at all, that you have great difficulty in connecting to people.

    How can hypnotherapy help with relationships?

    As with many issues where hypnotherapy is helpful, relationship problems may stem from your unconscious. You may find it very difficult to understand why you feel and react in the way that you do. With the help of hypnotherapy, you may be able to explore difficult memories and learn how they are affecting you today.  Although this may sound scary, hypnotherapy sessions are always very gentle, and you will never be pushed into a situation where you are not comfortable. You will set the pace of the therapy in a non-judgemental and safe place.

    Hypnotherapy can help you get a new, more positive, perspective on your relationship problem, to understand how the past is affecting your adult relationships.  You will understand the issue from other points of view.  You can learn how to look at past memories more happily and to act with confidence within the relationship.

    What will a relationship hypnotherapy session involve?

    This depends upon your situation. Every client has different needs, and although you can read about some of what to expect here, no two sessions are exactly the same. We will find what works for you, which may not be the same as what works for someone else.  

    You will learn how to relax when in a tense situation, and how to be assertive and confident in your dealings with others.  Part of this may involve rehearsing situations where you have difficulties.  Creating a vision of a strong you having a positive relationship will help you stay committed to changing.

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