• Weight Loss Hypnotherapy In Hertfordshire

    Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

    Professional hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire to help you get slimmer, fitter, and re-establish a healthy relationship with food.  Lose weight with the help of hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire

    Why losing weight can be hard

    Unless you have an underlying medical condition, there’s no secret to losing weight: Eat less and exercise more.  So, if it’s that simple, why are nearly two-thirds of Britons overweight (HSCIS, 2015), putting themselves at risk of Type II diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and early death?

    The answer is that for many people, overeating is not about feeling hungry, but all tangled up with emotional and subconscious beliefs that make it seem impossible to lose weight.  

    For example, for many people, meals are the only part of the day when the family are together. They are a strong bonding time.  Food becomes associated with happy, secure feelings, and it’s easy to turn to food as a way to recreate that feeling of being loved.  Other people overeat out of boredom, habit, stress, loneliness, unhappiness, and so on.  The key to breaking these associations with food is to reconnect with what hunger really feels like - how it differs from thirst, or boredom, or other feelings.  You need to retrain yourself to eat mindfully - really thinking about the food as you eat it, and stopping when your hunger is assuaged.  

    Most diets are effective in the short term, but many people follow a diet for a while, lose weight, and then return to their old habits.  The weight comes back, and more besides. On-and-off dieting is not the answer, only a total change in your lifestyle and attitude to food will have a permanent effect.

    What to expect with weight loss hypnotherapy

    Our sessions will begin with looking at your relationship with food.  What has been your history of weight and eating?  Did you gain the weight after an upsetting life event, or have you always been overweight? Have you started, or stopped, some medication?   Have you changed your lifestyle in some way to become more sedentary?  

    We will then look at your past attempts to lose weight and understand why they didn’t work, or why they worked for a while, but then seemed to lose their effectiveness. In addition, we’ll work to understand:

    ●    What are your weaknesses?  Sweets? Alcohol?  Sugary drinks? Leftovers?  

    ●    When do you eat? Late at night? Between meals?  When you are worried?

    ●    How does eating make you feel? Happier? Disgusted? Guilty?

    ●    What is your attitude to exercise?

    ●    Why do you want to lose weight?

    ●    How strong is your motivation to lose weight?

    ●    How much weight do you want to lose?

    ●    What support do you have from family and friends?

    ●    What will you replace comfort eating with?

    It is easy to become unaware of our food: to lift the forks to our mouths whilst watching TV or thinking about something else. It may be useful to keep a food diary for a few days to really awaken you to how much you are eating.  It may be quite a surprise!

    It’s particularly hard to stick to healthy eating when you are out, or when there is a special event coming up.  We will deal with that too.  Hypnotherapy will help you remember that one slip doesn’t mean you have lost all your hard work. You will be able to work out strategies to let you enjoy social occasions without falling back into your old ways.

    How hypnotherapy can help with losing weight

    With the help of hypnotherapy, you will learn to change your perceptions of yourself and food.  You will understand the emotional attachment you have to food, and work upon ways to replacing overeating with other ways to feel good.  

    Hypnotherapy can help increase your motivation to eat less and exercise more. You learn how to be more sensitive to your body’s needs. You’ll recognise when you have eaten enough and stop feeling guilty about leaving food on your plate.  You’ll find it much easier to select healthy meals over fattening ones, and to resist the impulse to snack when you don’t need to.

    Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool to help you design a compelling future.  You will learn to visualise a new you: slimmer, happier, confident, full of energy and health.  This future you will become your goal and help you stick to your action plan.

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