• Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy In Hertfordshire

    Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

    Stop smoking with the help of fast and effective hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire

    You want to quit smoking. You know that it’s very bad for your health and your wallet. So why don’t you stop?

    It feels like a tough challenge. You might know people who say they can’t quit, and you’ve probably tried several times already.  Breaking an addiction can feel very lonely.  You’re the only person who can actually do it; but that doesn’t mean you are on your own.

    Hypnotherapy can really help. Your willpower is what’s going to break this habit, but I can help strengthen that willpower.  No matter if you have tried to stop before and failed; hypnotherapy and your determination combined could mean this is the time you succeed.

    Smoking is unacceptable almost everywhere

    Views of smoking have changed radically. It’s no longer a sign of maturity and sophistication. Instead, it’s a minority habit, unacceptable around most other people, and illegal in public places and private cars carrying children.  It controls you and eats up your money.  It makes you smell, and stains your fingers and teeth.  That’s before I mention that smoking accounts for 1 in 4 deaths from cancer.  All this, and it’s totally voluntary! 

    Why on earth do people do it?

    Why do people smoke?

    Stress relief: Most smokers light up a fag when they are feeling stressed.  The familiar ritual of lighting a cigarette, coupled with the addictive ingredients, are a very powerful relaxant.

    Paradoxically, nicotine is also a stimulant. So smokers come to rely on cigarettes to get them going when they are tired.
    Friends and company: Although the days of the smoky bar are over, there is still a social element to smoking. The cigarette break outside the company’s back door may be a chance to chat with friends away from work.

    Weight control: Smoking suppresses the appetite, as well as dulling the sense of taste and smell. Many people smoke to stay slim, and worry they’ll gain weight if they stop.

    Habit: Smoking can be associated with certain times of the day. Do you always have a sit down and a cigarette about 4pm, for example?  

    All these: the physical and psychological reasons, make smoking very addictive, and it’s no wonder people find it hard to stop. But, it’s not impossible.

    What will you do instead of smoking?

    If you feel that smoking helps you deal with many areas of life, what are you going to do when you are no longer a smoker?  

    Certainly, a lot of people go back to smoking because they feel tense, put on weight, or start another bad habit instead.  Hypnotherapy can help you learn to deal with stress, eat healthily, and enjoy life without needing the crutch of smoking.  Together, we’ll unpick the reasons why you smoke, and find alternative ways to deal with them.

    How can hypnotherapy help you stop smoking?

    Hypnosis is so effective because it works with your unconscious mind.  This is where you store all your experience and learning.  Hypnotherapy works with this part of your mind to help you make the changes you need permanently.

    Hypnosis is a gentle, effective, and totally safe method of helping you change your life for ever.

    What does stop-smoking hypnotherapy involve?

    We start with a preliminary session, by phone or face to face, in which we talk about your smoking habits and opinions. We’ll find out why you do it, and why you want to stop.

    If you decide that you want to continue with hypnotherapy, we’ll book a 2 hour appointment in either St Albans or Watford. You can read more about what to expect here.

    Every hypnotherapy session is tailored to your specific needs.  We’ll find the most effective ways for you to stop and stay stopped.

    That’s it.  If you need a follow-up, then I offer one - free - within 4 weeks of the main session, but most people find the single session to be enough.

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