• Phobia Hypnotherapy In Hertfordshire

    Phobia Hypnotherapy

    Beat your phobias with the help of professional hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire.

    What is a phobia?

    A phobia is a fear of something - an object or situation - to such an extent that the person affected goes to considerable lengths to avoid coming into contact with whatever it is that they fear.

    Why do people have phobias?

    Phobias may seem peculiar to outsiders, but if you have one it is very real and can be debilitating.  Some phobias have a definite cause: maybe a wasp sting when you were a child has meant you are now afraid of wasps. Or perhaps you learned to dread the dentist because you saw your father was afraid of going.

    There is some evidence that there may be a genetic element too - some people are naturally more anxious than others.

    Whatever stimulated the fear in the first place, it is now deeply embedded in your subconscious and very difficult to eradicate without help.

    How do phobias affect people?

    People can have a phobia about anything: spiders, flying, dentists, lifts, and so on. You usually realise that the fear is disproportionate and irrational, but no amount of “common sense” can help.  The only way you cope is through avoidance - which may have a severe impact on your life.  For example, if you have social anxiety disorder (social phobia) - excessively worrying about interacting with others - it might mean that you never leave your house.

    These fears are real and distressing. When humans are in a dangerous situation, our bodies automatically go into ‘fight-or-flight’ mode. We release a number of hormones to prepare to defend ourselves, or run away from the danger. These hormones make us more alert, make our hearts beat faster, our breathing quicken, and our muscles tense and tremble.  These responses are useful in a truly dangerous situation, but when they are not needed, they may turn into a panic attack, which can be very distressing.

    How can hypnotherapy help with phobias?

    With hypnotherapy, you learn to relax very, very deeply.  This alone is a great skill for averting panic attacks. During your sessions, we will explore your subconscious beliefs and help you reevaluate any difficult memories or past experiences that may be stimulating your phobia. We will also work on giving you inner resources to learn to cope in fearful situations.

    All the sessions will be gentle and at a pace that is comfortable for you. You will never be asked to push yourself further than you are willing to go.

    Read more about how hypnotherapy works with fear of flying and fear of dentists, just two of the many forms of phobia we help.  Hypnotherapy is a safe and gentle way to help you free yourself from these fears.

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