• Confidence Hypnotherapy In Hertfordshire

    Confidence Hypnotherapy

    Is a lack of confidence holding you back?  Learn to fulfill your potential with the help of hypnotherapy sessions in Hertfordshire.

    Is anyone totally confident in every area of their life?  I doubt it.  A little questioning and uncertainty is part of what makes us human, keeps us balanced, and also what makes us strive to improve ourselves.  However, take the self-doubt too far and, for some people, it can be a crippling and insurmountable barrier.

    Why does confidence matter?

    Being confident, and having high self-esteem, have positive knock-on effects in many areas.  Your work, social life, and relationships are all more successful and satisfying if you are a self confident person.

    Self Confidence and Self Esteem - what’s the difference?

    The terms self confidence and self esteem are often used interchangeably. The concepts are related, but not totally the same. Self confidence refers to the strength of your belief in your abilities, while self esteem is how you feel about yourself - do you think you are a worthy person?  If you have high self esteem, you find it easier to be confident, and if you are confident, your self esteem will benefit.

    Confident people are resilient and optimistic. When life knocks them down, they are champions at picking themselves up, dusting themselves off, and starting all over again.  In contrast, people with low self confidence expect the worst, and give up quickly when they hit an obstacle.

    How can hypnotherapy help with self confidence?

    Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help you become more confident. You weren’t born with doubts, they are things you have learned along the way.  For some, a lack of confidence comes from experiences in childhood, or from more recent life events.  For other people, it’s a case of needing to tap into inner resources and potential.  So, if it’s helpful, we will work with your relationship to past experiences, or explore areas for development so that you can move forward with your life.

    Understanding and accepting yourself are the keys to having more confidence. For some people, simply learning to be a friend to themselves is a difficult challenge. With the help of hypnotherapy, you will learn to discover the choices that are right for you. The goal is to give you the power to make the changes you need.

    The sessions are always designed to suit your personality. Don’t be afraid that you’ll be asked to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.  The work will be at a pace that’s comfortable for you and you will be supported and encouraged all the way. Hypnotherapy is a very gentle and effective treatment and you are in control at all times. You can read more about what to expect here.

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