• Anxiety Hypnotherapy In Hertfordshire

    Anxiety Hypnotherapy

    Overcome your anxiety issues with the help of hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire.

    What is anxiety?

    Anxiety is a totally natural feeling, which is extremely useful when we are at risk - it gives us a warning that we may have to implement our fight or flight response at any moment.  However, for around 15% (Mental Health Foundation 2009) of the UK population,  anxiety kicks in when the event is not significant, or beyond the person’s control. Although the response is disproportionate to the situation, they start to feel the distressing physical effects of anxiety: trembling, nausea, sweating, heart racing, etc. and may even experience a panic attack.

    People can experience anxiety levels from mild worry about specific situations, such as exams or public speaking, all the way up to overwhelming anxiety about almost everything they have to deal with day-to-day.

    The feelings can be frightening, embarrassing, and debilitating.  If you are a sufferer, you may lose trust in your own body, and avoid situations that may trigger anxiety. Without care, what might start as simple nervousness could become a situation where your work and relationships suffer and you find it hard to participate in a full and enjoyable life.

    How can hypnotherapy help with anxiety?

    Hypnotherapy helps you reach deep levels of relaxation, which reduce feelings of stress and tension.  It creates a safe place for you to examine the situations that make you feel anxious, and where you can practice relaxation techniques to control your body’s responses and even change them.

    What will an anxiety hypnotherapy session involve?

    All treatments are tailored to suit your particular situation, and so there is no standard session, although you can read more about what to expect here.  Sessions are always very gentle and proceed only at the pace at which you feel comfortable.

    We will discuss what anxiety feels like for you, what situations make you anxious and what methods you currently use to deal with it - or whether you avoid the situations all together.  We will learn breathing techniques to stop your heart racing, and you can practice these at home between sessions.

    With the help of hypnotherapy, you will learn how to face situations that make you feel anxious with calm confidence, and enjoy a much happier life as a result.

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