• Minor Addiction Hypnotherapy In Hertfordshire

    Addiction Hypnotherapy

    Find better ways to feel good with the help of hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire for help with minor addictions.

    What are addictions?

    An addiction is more than a bad habit, although many of them start this way, and are harmless in the beginning. The problem arises once the habit fills a need in your life to such an extent that it becomes an uncontrollable attachment, with resulting harmful effects. The habit soothes some physical or emotional need and makes you feel better, so you keep doing it. Once the habit is too strong to resist for long - when you do it more often and trying to do without it makes you feel worse, then there could be a problem. Even though the relief comes at a price - if the habit is harming your health, relationships, work, etc - you feel you cannot stop. The only solution is to find and understand the cause of your need, and then find a proper solution to it.

    People can become addicted to a wide range of things: caffeine, gambling, sex, the internet, and so on.  Around two million people in the UK (NHS 2015) are struggling with some form of addiction.

    Understanding your addiction

    The first step in helping you overcome your addiction is to understand what it provides for you.  What is missing in your life that you are trying to replace?  It may be an emotional need, such as loneliness or stress. Or the roots may be something that began when you were much younger. It’s been shown that traumatic experiences in childhood make it more likely that the adult will show addictive tendencies.

    So, we will start gently looking at what the addiction is trying to compensate for in your life.  This may sound uncomfortable, but each session will be very gentle, with you setting the pace.   In the beginning, we want to create a place where you feel safe and able to really examine your life.

    How hypnotherapy can help with addiction

    Once you feel that you have identified why you are addicted, hypnotherapy can help you increase your understanding of these reasons and your awareness of the triggers. Under hypnosis, you are more receptive to suggestions and your creative mind can begin to find alternatives. Our aim is to get you to the stage where you no longer need the support your addiction brings, or you can at least replace it with something healthy and safe.

    Hypnotherapy has many different techniques that are very effective with addiction.  The ones that are right for you will emerge during the sessions. Read more about what to expect.

    How long it will take for you to be free of your addiction depends upon how deeply rooted it is, and the pace at which you are comfortable to work.  Don’t expect to be better in just a couple of sessions. Addictions are very powerful ways that you have developed to cope with overwhelming aspects of your life. Learning that you don’t need them will be liberating.

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