• Pete Tobias - Hertfordshire Hypnotherapist

  • Pete Tobias - Clinical Hypnotherapist

    D.Hyp., GQHP

    Compassionate, professional, and effective hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire.

    Why I practice hypnotherapy

    Every one of us is a unique and marvellous human being, capable of great achievements and personal happiness.  My goal is to help you find that happiness and reach those achievements by using hypnotherapy to help you overcome whatever is holding you back.   Hypnotherapy can gently help you find ways to release that great potential within you.

    How I work

    I firmly believe that there is no one-size solution.  I take time to really understand you as a person so that I can work in a way that will work best for you.  My therapy sessions are tailored to suit your particular needs - so sessions will be different from one client to the next - even if the issue we are working on seems the same at the outset.  I combine hypnotherapy with counselling and psychotherapy skills to produce a unique outcome that is right for you.
    If you want to find out more

    If you feel that hypnotherapy sounds right for you, or if you just want to find out more, get in touch without any obligation to go further.  I am always happy to talk to you about the ways I can help.

    Call 07815 156 495  , email info@placetobeyou.co.uk, or use the online contact form.

  • Place to be You - Philosophy

    What brings you here? For some hypnotherapy is the last resort after trying to push through on their own, or having tried everything else. For others, there’s something about this type of therapy that seems to resonate.

    In the same way that we are each unique, it is my belief that therapy should be tailored to the needs of the individual. I offer an empathic and dynamic approach to therapy that is aligned to the personality and life experience of those with whom I work.

    The heart of the matter? While we are all unique we also share much in common. Human beings are relational beings. That is to say that relationships form a vital component in our lives. Relationships with each other, and relationships with ourselves. Both are interlinked and it is in these two areas that difficulties can arise.

    What does it take to change? I believe that change often requires something from outside to stimulate what is within. In the case of therapy, it is the relationship with the therapist and the willpower of the individual that can enable a person to make the desired changes in their life.

    How can hypnotherapy help? If you have the desire to change, hypnotherapy could help in a number of areas, such as aiding sleep, and with perceived pain control and perceived pain reduction. Psychotherapy could help prevent panic attacks and nail biting.

    Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic method of working with the unconscious aspect of the mind. It is a special means of communicating where unconscious learning's are evoked and utilised. It is through this extraordinary state that change and new learning can take root.