• Habits Hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire

    Break frustrating habits with the help of hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire

    Why do we have habits?

    A habit is an action that you feel a compulsion to do and that you cannot resist.  Habits are very common: nail biting, blushing, teeth grinding, skin picking, hair pulling, and so forth. They may all seem very minor, but if you have a habit that you feel you cannot break, it can be distressing and embarrassing.

    Habits often begin in childhood, and they form pathways in your brain that become so familiar that it can be very hard to stop the habit on your own.

    How can hypnotherapy help with habit breaking?

    A habit may be hard to understand. It is possibly a sign of an issue that you cannot clarify or explain, and which is causing you emotional distress that the habit is trying to soothe.  Hypnotherapy is very good at helping you understand these situations - under hypnosis, your unconscious mind may reveal why you need the habit.  We can then find other ways to gain this relief.

    It may not be necessary to identify a past event that triggered the habit originally.  You may find that with the help of hypnotherapy, you are able to mentally release it and find other ways to feel better without needing to explore long-past experiences.

    What will a habit breaking hypnotherapy session involve?

    Although every session is different according to your particular needs, it is likely that we will start the treatment by looking at your habit patterns. Is there a particular time when you do the habit? When you are bored, or anxious etc?    Once we have identified the likely times you’ll perform the habit, we can start to find ways to replace it with feelings of calm and confidence.

    As part of the hypnotherapy, you will learn breathing and relaxation techniques that you can employ whenever you feel like returning to your habit.  Every time that you successfully resist the habit, so you will find it easier to resist next time.  Hypnotherapy will help you reduce feelings of anxiety and teach you to re-establish a connection with your body’s feelings.

    Hypnotherapy sessions give you a safe place to feel vulnerable.  They are very gentle and only proceed at the pace that is comfortable for you.   Hypnotherapy is a great way to explore unsettling thoughts and emotions with the support of a fully trained professional.

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