• Grief and Loss Hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire

    Learn to cope with grief and loss with the help of hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire.

    Why can grief be so hard to deal with?

    Grief is a natural emotion, and not something to fear. However, it can be very difficult to deal with and the intensity can vary from one person to the next.

    Although we tend to think of grief as being the result of a bereavement, people can feel grief over a variety of experiences: losing a job, or a home; the death of a pet; feeling they are losing their youth or their hope; and so on.  During these times, it can be very hard to be alone, but it may be easier to talk to someone from outside the situation. With a therapist, you won’t feel you are adding to a loved one’s burden, and you can go over and over your feelings as many times as you need to come to terms with the loss.

    Feeling grief is completely normal, but people often fear they cannot control the feelings. In 1969, as part of her research into death, psychiatrist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross identified five stages of grief. They are:

    • Denial - Unable to accept the situation. Temporarily forgetting about the loss and feeling the shock of it over again.
    • Anger -  Feelings of “Why Me?”  Anger at the person who has died, or at anyone close to you.  This may be coupled with guilt at feeling this anger.
    • Bargaining - Feelings of “If Only . . .” asking God to intervene, begging for things to go back to as they were.
    • Depression - As it sinks in, you may develop a sense of hopelessness and futility.
    • Acceptance - Finally, the feelings become less intense and you are able to look to the future.

    You may not experience all these stages, and they may circle back and repeat, but many people find it very helpful to realise that grief is a process and that, eventually, there is a way out the other side.

    Despite all the advice you may receive, there’s no right way to get there, and there is no time limit to your sadness.  What’s important is that you give yourself permission to feel the grief. Leaving it unaddressed is likely to have a negative impact on the rest of your life and may emerge as insomnia, overeating, depression, addictions, or other harmful behaviours.  

    How can hypnotherapy help with grief and loss?

    Hypnotherapy can help with feelings of grief and loss by making it possible for you to feel emotions that you may be keeping suppressed.  The gentle relaxation in hypnotherapy assists you in opening up to those feelings and helps reduce the tension caused by keeping it all bottled up.   

    Hypnotherapy can help with the side-effects of grief, such as poor sleep, overeating, and so on.  It can also help you cope with triggers, such as certain songs or scents, and learn to associate these with happy memories rather than with the feelings of loss.

    Part of recovering from grief is saying goodbye to whoever or whatever you have lost. There may be unfinished business - things you wish you had said, but never found the time. With the help of hypnotherapy, you can learn to deal with these too.

    What will a hypnotherapy for grief and loss session be like?

    Just as feelings of grief are personal to you, so the treatment should be as well.  William Worden described four tasks that are needed to deal with grief:

    • Accepting the reality of the loss.
    • Experiencing the pain of the loss.
    • Allowing time to adapt to a world without the deceased.
    • Finding an enduring and sustaining connection to the person you have lost, whilst living life once more

    It is likely that your sessions will follow this in some form as well as looking at relevant side issues such as poor sleep, weight gain and so forth.

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