• Fear Of The Dentist Hypnotherapy In Hertfordshire

    Learn to overcome your fear of the dentist with the help of hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire.

    Many people are afraid of visiting the dentist

    Very few people enjoy visiting the dentist - it’s a necessity rather than a pleasure.  In fact, one in four of us (NHS 2015) are actually afraid of dental visits, and find getting their teeth checked extremely difficult. They may avoid and procrastinate about even making the appointment for ages.

    Regular dental checkups are important.  There is a strong link between oral health and overall body health (NHS 2015): for example, people with gum disease have a higher risk of stroke or diabetes. Bad teeth mean more than a wonky smile: they cause bad breath and pain when eating.  Larger problems such as abscesses, or losing teeth all together may develop. The emotional effects include self consciousness and a lack of confidence.

    What causes a fear of the dentist?

    Your fear of the dentist may be based upon a past experience - perhaps as a child you were forced to go and found it frightening, it may be based upon other people’s horror stories, or it may be a result of another fear such as claustrophobia.

    Most of us find being in the dentist’s chair makes us feel vulnerable. We are trapped and lying prone, mouth open and unable to speak or ask for help, and anticipating unpleasant sensations.  For someone with a dental phobia, this is an impossible situation to be in. Knowing that this is going to happen can mean that the anxiety starts with booking the appointment, and it just increases as the time gets closer. Sitting in the waiting room, surrounded by dental sounds and smells, increases the anxiety to unmanageable proportions.

    It’s a vicious circle because your anxiety makes what could be a quick, routine check-up into a drawn out fear-filled challenge.

    How can hypnotherapy help with your fear of dentistry?

    Hypnotherapy is a very effective way to help you control your dentist phobia.  It helps you to relax and control feelings of panic, so that you can get through the experience as easily as possible.  Hypnotherapy works with your unconscious mind to reduce your anticipation of pain and overcome your negative associations with the dentist. It can help you control your gagging reflex and help you stop habits, such as teeth grinding, that may necessitate more frequent visits.

    What to expect in a dentist phobia hypnotherapy session

    As with all hypnotherapy treatments, the sessions differ from person to person, depending upon your needs and the techniques that you respond to the best.  You can read about a typical session here.

    When you start hypnotherapy to help with your fear of the dentist, the first session is likely to include exploration of your past dental experiences to see if there is a clear reason for the phobia.  We will find out if there are specific triggers, such as the sound of the drill, the smells, needles, X-rays, etc, that need to be dealt with. You will explore different ways to look at the past experience and realise that it is the past and that dentists are very much more sensitive now.  It’s important that you learn to recognise and acknowledge your fearful feelings, but you will never be asked to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Hypnotherapy is a very gentle and effective way to help you overcome your fears.

    There may be an easy solution, such as changing dentists, or taking a friend with you.  We will discuss what the dentist needs to do to help you cope with the appointment.

    Hypnotherapy will help you to relax and use deep breathing to control anxiety.  You will learn self hypnosis techniques that you can use before and during the appointment and can safely try out a visualisation of attending a dental appointment in a calm and confident state of mind.

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