• Dyslexia Hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire

    Overcome the emotional difficulties associated with dyslexia with the help of hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire.

    What is dyslexia?

    Dyslexia is a very common learning difficulty that potentially affects more than 6 million people in the UK (Dyslexia Action, 2016). Dyslexia can occur in a variety of degrees. Some people have mild difficulties, while others really struggle. The experience of dyslexia seems to be unique to each person (NHS, 2016) and thus it may be undiagnosed or mislabelled as another special educational need.

    Modern schools are better at spotting the signs of dyslexia than they used to be, but there are still people who slip through the net.

    As a dyslexic person myself, I like the emerging way of thinking that dyslexia is not a disability at all, but just a different way of being. Many famous and successful people are dyslexic, including scientists, surgeons, and writers - so being dyslexic clearly doesn’t have to hold you back from anything.

    How can hypnotherapy help with dyslexia?

    Let’s be clear: hypnotherapy cannot cure dyslexia, but it can help you deal with many of the emotional side-effects, which will mean you may be able to reduce your levels of anxiety. Dyslexic people often have trouble regulating their emotions, and may struggle with feelings of frustration, embarrassment, and anger. Self confidence can plummet as you compare yourself to others and feel that you are ‘stupid’ or ‘lazy’. With the help of hypnosis, you can learn to reduce these feelings and identify the other strengths and skills that you possess, which can rebuild your self confidence.

    My dyslexic clients usually fall into one of two camps:

    1. People who have a recent diagnosis and who are uncertain what happens next

    For someone who has just been diagnosed as dyslexic, life can seem very confusing. Some people feel as though they have lost their old self, and need help adjusting to a new self-image. Many people fear that they will not be able to cope and that they have to abandon their dreams. The emotional fallout from a diagnosis can be very hard to deal with and may result in anger, frustration, sadness, and a plummet in confidence.

    If you are in this position, hypnotherapy can help you learn to accept your new situation, and help you find the confidence and resources to move forward successfully.

    2. People who are established with dyslexia support

    For people with longer-established dyslexia diagnoses, hypnotherapy can help you deal with the ongoing challenges of low self-esteem and frustration. It can help you develop confidence to face any fearful situation that your dyslexia makes particularly difficult.

    What to expect in a hypnotherapy for dyslexia session

    Every person is different, every experience of dyslexia is different, and so every hypnotherapy treatment will be different too. You can read what to expect here but remember that your own personal sessions will be tailored to fit what works and feels most comfortable for you.

    A hypnotherapy session gives you a safe time and place to be vulnerable and to try out challenging situations using visualisation. You will learn relaxation and breathing techniques to help you calm your anxieties and ways to boost your self confidence. Hypnotherapy is a gentle and safe way to learn to deal with all the negative emotions and doubts that can stem from being diagnosed with dyslexia.

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